Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vintage and more

Since I'm re-reading Jane Eyre, I thought that the perfect accompaniment to my reading would be my favourite Banana Bread, with chocolate chunks, from 'Bills Food' (it tastes wonderful and has just the right texture), served on my very vintage Wedgwood & Co, given to me by a great lady that owned a antique store many years ago.

Rebecca loves to Google, gosh, it sounds like its a sport?? Anyway her new interest is the Queen. She googled her and even watched a piece of her coronation ceremony - at least she isn't quoting weird Yak facts (Yaks, her last topic of choice). So naturally since we are on this English vein,we have had several tea parties this week with my silver tea set and favourite cups & saucers.
Cute thing is always so careful with my stuff (cause I might cry for a week if my grandmothers cup breaks but that's a different story). Sometimes she likes us to pretend we are princess sisters, and her language becomes slower and the r's are so much more pronounced, "rreally sister, do have morre tea".

Banana Bread with my home grown beauties (this was a large bunch - half eaten).

PS On the vintage theme, I've decided to make a recipe this weekend that I have always wanted to try, its called 'Medieval Gingerbread' (and I do love Gingerbread) so I'll let you know how it turns out. Also Rebecca asked if the Queen likes receiving guests as she would like to make a turn whenever we are next in England!

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