Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday pottering

Yesterday evening, Rebecca noted that the day had gone by so quickly, and it sure did.
A little gardening. Spring maintenance (all the tree trimmings in the background) and my
baby and my papa planting her petunias. She needed her two pink watering cans in the pic.

We had a baby shower for my brothers wife... the first baby boy to our family. What a delight.
Then Rebecca had a pamper party at a friends house and she came back smelling and looking gorgeous, complete with pedi and mani! She wouldn't allow any pictures.
Last night we went to see 'Up' (Disney) - I don't know if many kiddies would get it. Ruby was actually a little frightened at times (but she is quite sensitive), but it was actually a wonderful movie. I cried for most of it and it began within the first minute! So many wonderful life lessons.

Now, I think I need to get my morning coffee started! Have a blessed day!

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