Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hello Sunshine

I'm so grateful for the lovely weather today!

On Friday night we had a 'girl supper' (Wayne was away), with my friend Anthea and my sister.
A is actually such a rock in my life and I don't see her nearly enough and Manuela always makes me laugh (i.e just before she popped a bean dish in the oven she said to it, 'you're gonna love me and I know I love you already, see you soon').

On Saturday the gardener, Rebecca and I worked in the garden and this afternoon it was so gratifying to just sit and look out at a neat and trim yard. Rebecca actually sang to us (not really work), she kept asking Shep, 'So do you know this one?' and then without hesitation broke out into song.

Today we just enjoyed the sunshine, but early this morning on the way to church I realised that I had left my bible on the table. Fortunately Rebecca had her real bible with her, not one of her toddler ones. So I took her one in with me (and her pencil - she went to children's church) and only when I sat down did I realise that her cover was bright pink with cartons all over it and I had to write with a 'high school musical' pencil.

I decided to be outside instead of baking so the 'medieval gingerbread' is still on the backburner.

Wishing you much sunshine for the week ahead.

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