Sunday, June 7, 2009


It's been a busy couple of days. Firstly we went skiing - it is so beautiful and tranquil this time of year as there is no one about the place (near Clanwilliam). It started cloudy, with lots of coffee and bagels.

Then it cleared and we started skiing and bouncing about on the tube.

Then it was glorious!

Only scenic photographs as I only have video recordings of Wayne and Rebecca on the water.

Rebecca had her musical debut. She was so cute!! This is a relaxed photo after the event of course!

My folks arrived back this week after a holiday overseas... with lots of goodies. Cute tees, leggings, cognac mustard, bags of chestnuts, figs with almonds and other foodie things.

It was my sister's birthday this week and she got great cake from Charly's. Yummy.

How was Friday's storm? My garden was swampish, which Rebecca loved. She took every opportunity to play in the water yesterday. Fortunately it was nice and sunny the remainder of the weekend so I did 5 loads of washing and got it all dry. The problem is that if I turn my head to the left I see a monumental pile of ironing which needs my urgent attention.

Wayne was testing a Bentley this weekend. Yes, a BENTLEY. A real heavyweight! Its actually called a "Continental Flying Spur". Like... who thought that up? Rebecca and I played the part of spoilt P-Diddy types. We were driven around, both seated in the spacious back seat with our earphones and our televisions on. No, we didn't use the cocktail bar.

Hope you had a good one.

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