Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our God is Happy

What a beautiful concept! When the preacher said it, I was surprised. I spend the rest of the afternoon thinking about this. Not only that but God equates this with the celebration and joy at a wedding. Read the words of Isaiah...

"For as a young man marries a virgin... and as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so shall your God rejoice over you" - we make Him glad!

Let's be real. This is great news. Who wouldn't want happiness, not a passing sensation but a deep joy bubbling in us. To be transformed into this image, this divine truth. He is happy and full of joy...

Jesus echoed this sentiment in the new testament, "these things I have spoken to you that My joy may remain in you and your joy may be full"

Isn't it true that the whole gospel is a proclamation of Joy. Yes. God gives what He has in abundance and He gives it abundantly. Joy. Happiness. Even when we don't sing to Him, He rejoices and sings over us. His Joy is our strength because it's the steel in every situation, and a sign of our salvation.

Tumultuous times come but that does not change the truth of His character.

Spurgeon said, 'the Joy of the Lord in us is always a sign and symbol of a strong spiritual life'

This is one of the treasures I want to mine for this year. To see Him in Joy and to live Joy.

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