Monday, November 9, 2015

My bro

It was my brother's birthday a few days ago.  My only brother.  He was my side-kick when we were growing up and he always had my back.  My brother is a joke professor (even when you don't want to hear one) and a people magnet (even when you felt like a quiet evening).

Now he is a man with his own family but nothing has changed.  With all the change in our lives, its so good to have people who you can depend on, no matter what.  That's my bro. Anytime of the day or night (I have needed him for both).  A heart of gold.  Plus, I think he has only been angry like uh twice in his whole life.
And if you visit him on his birthday: sure enough... there will be lots of people and lots of laughter, a hot fire and a cold beer.  Always.

A picture of when we were the same size, even though he is younger, ha! Cute, right?  But now he is very tall and thin and I am not.

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