Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Cleft for her

When the world shakes, how do you teach your children to stand?
When I have my quiet time or last thing at night, I often ask myself if I am doing enough... if I am clear enough about what matters so that she lives strong,  Or do I spend my days muttering on about things that have no real bearing on character and hope and wise living. And believe me, some days I babble more than I build.

The world is very different from her parents and her grandparents generation.
The exposure to all the world through this technological age is so real.  But this doesn't fulfill, no matter how many likes you get.  And then there are other pressures, opinions, crises, hormones and more. Then yesterday she says 'I feel most happy and safe when you force me to memorise scripture'. O. K. I'm listening.  So 'force' was a rather strong word but I get it... that even though she sometimes complains, this is the stabilising stuff that we all need so bad.  That this sword of the word cuts down our fears and worries.  It brings peace and builds truth and hope.  These are not just abstract nouns, they have enduring magnitude.

Just like the old children's hymn goes, "don't build your house on the sandy-land, don't build it too near the shore... Rock of ages, cleft for me..."

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