Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Things you can't tell from a blog

I was thinking about this earlier, about what people behind the screen are really like and about being true to all that you are... this could be interesting - here are some things about me...

I love high heels but would never post about them because I have poor balance (bit of vertigo) - I never wear them anymore- it would be just plain dangerous

I can be loud

I have real big hair, it takes a lot of work to calm it down - how I wish the 'eighties big hair thing' would just make a comeback

I  get excited about fashion (and love dressing up) but hang out at home in tracksuits all the time

I often forget to greet people... I start talking like I saw them 5 minutes ago instead of ages ago

I taped the re-runs of Cagney + Lacey

I love artists who are storytellers, like Bruce Springsteen

I love gardening (you already knew that) and the smell of dark, rich soil makes me happy. I loved playing in the mud with Becca when she was younger (maybe you didn't know that part)

I play classical music most days as I hate loud noise around me but if I'm at a party, there should be some rock, right? Yes!

I adore salads and vegetarian food but life without pasta and burgers is just no fun.

I can lose hours of sleep tormenting myself about the slightest of things... an expression that I thought was insincere, a word hastily spoken to someone - this is my most loathsome quality. 

I always forget birthdays of friends and family - this too is loathsome.  My sister usually reminds me

Growing up, my best friends were my great grandmother and my cousin, Marisela

I get nervous in crowds

I love comedies and live shows

I like both loud and mute nail polish colours

(This is the blue nail polish I was wearing on my birthday - no one else liked it)
I often take verrrrry long in deciding what I want
I don't like planning ahead... this sometimes drives my husband crazy (I try to do it, its just doesn't come naturally)
I believe kindness is underrated
I love to be around (I think most people do) people who always leave a deposit no matter who they are with

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  1. That is awesome, what a good idea!! So nice to feel like I know you just a little better!