Monday, August 11, 2014

"I do still"

When we said "I do" 18 years ago yesterday, we had very little idea what that would mean... how many times we would have to silently say 'I do' when times were tough, and many more times saying 'thank you' when times were great - a blessed journey.  Wayne, you are my favourite favourite and have been used by God in my life more than anyone else. To the moon and back... 

In our devotional yesterday... The Lord is faithful, who establishes you... (He does this everyday), truly He alone is wise and glorious!

And, we had a supermoon on our anniversary - a little extra love gift!!

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  1. Happy happy :) 18 years - WOW!!! We are 10 years behind you - so much to look forward to! How awesome would it be if we lived closer so we can learn all your marrige do's and donts. Its sadly rare for marriges to last these days.... a huge congrats!!