Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A good start

This morning I received three bits of good news back-to-back. 
But before that I was praying and trying to still my heart, thanking God in advance... knowing that it was going to be a challenging morning.
When Rebecca awoke, I told her "Baby, its gonna be a great day!"

"I will not take My lovingkindness from him, nor allow My faithfulness to fail.  My covenant I will not break nor alter the word that has gone from My lips"  ~  Psalm 89.33+34

This is one of my favourite scriptures and I was meditating on His great faithfulness this morning and trusting Him for the day ahead.
Then came the good news... and more good news.
As I was driving I felt so blessed by His merciful kindness and I said 'Lord, you are so good... how we forget!' 

Some days we read the Word and pray regardless of how we feel... we might feel nothing. Always continue in faith because regardless of  what we feel - He is real.  Then there are days... don't you love these... when the reality of his love and affection stirs us deeply and we are so humbled by it.

And on top of all that, my house guest (my sister) received an unexpected package in the mail which I placed on her tea tray.  She was all smiles this morning!

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