Friday, April 19, 2013

This is the way it works

Yesterday I was reading the paper and Ozzy Osbourne was apologising for being in a dark place... he had been involved with drugs and drink again and was free for 40 days.

It's so easy to judge because our lives and weaknesses are not spread out for all the world to see but if our inner thoughts were posted on billboards... our empathy would rise. 
We all have battles and we all need mercy.  The only way through is in Him. 

'If you don't have the staying power and perseverance to go nose to nose with your flesh until you defeat lust, you can forget about pulling down strongholds over your city (other issues)... subject yourself to the Word and to the Holy Spirit... willpower is not enough... The greatest battle in your life is going to be the soul realm: the mind, the emotions and the will.  The key is to stay focused on the Word of God; then you can be led by the Holy Spirit.'  ~ R. Godwin

The flesh and will struggle to rule the flesh and will.  That's why we need a Greater Helper... this is the way it works.  And it's because it's true, that the Word is living and active and stronger than any willpower.

There is no condemnation in Jesus.  When you have been in a dark place there is condemnation enough from yourself.
That's why He said, I didn't come for the healthy but for the sick (Mark 2.17)

Sometimes we can carry ourselves and sometimes we need to be carried.  Knowing that willpower alone is often not enough.

How beautiful would it be if we would hold up and support through speaking the Word, just opening to a Psalm and saying it as a prayer ... how would families and loved ones and strangers (and ourselves) be impacted if they were supported by these invisible powerful cords...

I know that those words wouldn't return void but would wash and build strength... real strength.

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