Thursday, January 3, 2013

The 2013 year

(Becca's kiddies grape bubbly)
A new year, fresh resolve, a clean slate... unwritten.  Some people just turn over and its a day, a time like any other but that has never been my outlook.  I love the idea of a almost ceremonial celebration of the dawning of a new calender year... before it gets filled, pulled apart, messed with... a reflection of all the grace given over the past year and a looking forward with fresh vision.

While I do not ever achieve what I pen at the onset, it matters little, because of the somethings that do get done and the momentum that is gathered.  Often, new things added to the hat and prioritized as the year wears on.  If I don't purpose to grow in wisdom, as a wife and mother etc, it won't happen by wishing.  If I don't purpose to lean into grace and truth, it won't find its way into my soul. 

I pray that you have a wonderful 2013, that your heart is expectant and your hands are willing, and that you get surprised by grace and joy this coming year.

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