Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lost and found

Last winter I lost one of my pearl earrings that my parents had given me years ago.  I loved them, they went with everything.  I had been in a rush... and I grabbed them out of my jewellery box and went to the car to put on while I drive (not a good idea).   When I arrived at Rebecca's school I realised that I only had one earring.

I looked everywhere for them.  I actually thought that I had lost them at Rebecca's school and even left my number at the office.  I prayed and kept waiting for the phone call.  No call came.

One fine day... I open my box and look at what I see!!! It wasn't the one that remained behind.  It was the lost one!  Unbelievable, right!  I open that jewellery box every single day for earrings.  Don't ask me how but I have my pair again!  Happy Day.

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