Friday, July 6, 2012

Redeeming moments

May this weekend bring Shabbat moments of peace and rest.  A time to observe and remember.  A time to breath slowly and repair... sabbath moments of rest are not about restrictions but about restoration...

Words were exchanged.  "Stand up now!" the mother shouted.  I had just walked inside and stayed at the door.  The young one, her beloved surely... was crouched behind the table trying to hide from the shouting.  She stood slowly.  My heart broke for both... I too have been so tightly coiled on the inside that when I open my mouth the release staggers me... out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.  I have also been the frightened little girl wondering 'what is going on here' and wishing for truth with kindness. A word fitly spoken is like giving apples of gold... 

How often we get overcome with weariness... May we not be undone but take the necessary time to restore our soul and body so that we run strong and sure. So that when our family's needs arise we are not empty regretful vessels but there is grace enough for every heart.

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