Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An honest Cappella

At bedtime as I am about to open another book, she asks 'Can we sing instead?'
'Sure', I say, knowing this is a safe audience.
I enjoy singing but surely it does hurt those around me... I have no melody, no modulation, simply no talent.

But this is not the point... praise is the point.
And she doesn't seem to mind.
So we turn to a familiar song and I begin. After the second line, my notably more-musical-than-I child gently takes the book from my hand and sets the right tune to our song, without us stopping. I'm amazed by the soft but decided leading into harmony... as we sing His praises - unaccompanied and happy.

"Make a joyful noise, all ye people!" - Psalm 100

So glad it talks about joyful, excited, heartfelt kind of sound not a choir performance. Sing out!

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