Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Touching the head

As we sat reading on the couch, she turned earnest eyes and asked "Will you play with my hair?". We were just about to wrap up and there was, as ever a too long 'to do' list...

How could I not pause and hold this moment? Like collecting water in our hands, these moments drain away if we don't remind ourselves that they matter much.

I loosened her hair-ties and slowly, gently started into her hair with my fingers. She continued reading while I massaged and played and in a minute I was nine myself.

Every afternoon she sat a while on a mat by the tall window that looked out over the front garden. Sometimes I joined her. I lay my head on her lap and she loosened my hair. The sunlight streamed into the room and the floorboards shone. I closed my eyes and she hummed. Her fingers tenderly played along in their own melody and I slipped into sleep. I never considered that her aged hands might ache or that her legs would go numb in that position until I awoke.

"A calm mind and heart are life and health"
~ Proverbs 14

As I stroke Rebecca's hair I remember my great grandmother. My eyes fill as I remember her smell and how I felt. Safe. Loved. Time stood still for a few moments. Touching the head and feeding the heart. I continue slow and rhythmically as I remember. I am so glad she paused and tenderly loved the noise in my life away. I am so glad I paused today.

"The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family"
~Thomas Jefferson

The small and simple moments will have a lasting impression as they ride through life...

"in quietness and confidence shall be your strength"
~ Isaiah 30

"You never know the significance of the moment you are in until later"
~Tommy Nelson

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