Sunday, May 3, 2009


Sorry. What happened to yesterday's fonts? All those dark letters flying at you.

I am not 'computer savvy' as you can tell and I can be a tad rebellious, so when my computer gives me error messages, I pretty much ignore it. I like to do this until it no longer actions any of my commands. Not smart! Usually at about this point I get the often repeated lecture from my man about my 'running headlong off a cliff without any thought for the consequences' or something like that. I get kinda excited about stuff and hate distractions, eg dumb messages.

I just finished lunch at my folks. That's Lunch with a capital L. I now just
need to sit a while with my top button (you know the one) undone!

Tomorrow though, I'll be hungry again and I plan on making Pioneer Woman's
Cinnamon Rolls!!! Can't wait. It looks so good. I think I'll be at the gym
extra early tomorrow. I don't think they can be labelled a health food.

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