Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hope-filled kids

"We want our children to place their hope in the only true God.  We have a far greater chance of seeing that happen if two things occur.

First, they need to watch parents who place their full confidence in God.  When we say that we're deriving our hope from Christ, but they see a lack of joy, a lot of fear, and a lack of patience and kindness towards those who don't know Christ, we send out a mixed message

Second, our children need to be raised by parents who treat them the way Christ treats us as parents... the primary way Christ deals with us is through His infinite grace.
It teaches children that there are some things in their lives they can trust and depend on.

God comes alongside us when we need it, not just when it fits best into His schedule."

~ Dr T Kimmel  from 'Grace based parenting'

This book has had me examining the motives of why I do what I do in parenting.  Parenting isn't just about rule-keeping but the profound privilege of building love, hope, strength and purpose into our children.  It's motivating and hope-filled! 

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