Friday, June 28, 2013

Life is a balance

~  In reality the Christian life is not a series of rules and regulations. Our example, Jesus Christ, didn’t follow any such formula in His ‘work-life balance’. In fact, His life seems to be a “collection of contradictions” as one poet puts it. For instance, on the one hand, when His family thought He was mad and came to take Him home (Mark 3:21), Jesus asked, "Who are my mother and my brothers?" (Mark 3:33). Yet, on the other hand, when dying on the cross for the sins of the world, He was thinking of His mother’s welfare (John 19:26-27). On another occasion, Jesus taught that disciples are not worthy of Him if they love their family more than Him (Matt 10:37). Yet when the Pharisees neglected their family for the sake of their service to God, He rebuked them for dishonouring their parents, nullifying the word of God and following human rules (Matt 15:3-9). And, of course, that is the point. Jesus didn’t follow human rules. He fulfilled the will of His Father which is neither legalistic nor formulaic. Formulas are for infants. ~

from Pastor Robert Fergusson

Life should be a beautiful walk of grace empowered by the Holy Spirit and not of guilt.
Happy Weekend!

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