Friday, May 31, 2013

Entering that rest

I saw these restful, grazing cows as I drove back home after dropping Rebecca off at school yesterday.  After a busy two weeks, I did stare at them longingly.  About 10 minutes later when I opened my devotional it was all about Hebrews 4... about working and then resting... resting in His grace and finished work. 

The real rest is what I want - the spiritual tranquillity and repose that is a comfort to the soul's resistance to switching off and it's guilt ridden tunnels.  When you look to Jesus and you look to yourself, you see how far off from the mark you really are and yet, and YET... this beautiful merciful promise is to come as you are because only He redeems and sanctifies it all.  That's the Point!  ' Let us, therefore, make every effort to enter that rest...'  ~  Hebrews 4.11.  All our working in overdrive won't ever lead to a finished work, won't lead to a deep down peace at 2am.  Make every effort to enter the only true restful chamber... His everlasting arms.

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