Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Social Holiness

Jesus was and is, a social revolutionary.  When he healed the sick he did more than cure diseases: he healed the sickness in a society that would cast these people aside.  When he pronounced his beatitudes upon the people, he was taking up those classes and categories that society deemed to be unblessed and unblessable.  He told these 'sat upon, spat upon, ratted on' people that they were precious in the kingdom of God.  He blessed the children, he spoke to an outcast woman, he hob-nobbed with a wealthy crook.
We are to do likewise.

~ Richard Foster

This time of year should remind us not just of those who are dear and precious to us but those who are alone and forsaken. Where we have opportunity to pray, smile, offer kindness or hospitality, the love of God compels us to do so.

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