Friday, May 4, 2012

The virtue of a quiet life

Lyda and I have loved each other for a long time, from the time when she looked up to me as an older woman and teacher to the time when I look up to her as my main prop, my help and comfort.  We have done so much sewing together, curtains and clothes and slipcovers and such, that she says we have sewed ourselves together.  We have cooked and canned and butchered together and helped our men together. 
The number of Lyda's children and children-in-law and grandchildren has grown past her ability to remember birthdays, and she has to keep a list, but she remembers everything else.  She knows the history and the goodnesses and the weaknesses of every one of them.

~ Hannah Coulter by W Berry

I've finally finished 'Hannah Coulter', a beautifully told tale of community living, values, change and the seasons of life, it rang so true that I had to re-read sections.

My mother made this needlework when she was a young woman.  She often recounts stories of all the ladies, (sisters, cousins & neighbours) together sewing and chatting their way through an afternoon.

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